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11 Awesome Hikes to Do In & Near Kanab, Utah

Wake up. Hike. Repeat. Such is life in a tiny desert town with no bars, only a few restaurants, and copious amounts of beautiful red rock to explore. Of course, there are a few other activities to partake in, like four-wheeling, hunting, or rafting. The point is, you don’t come to Kanab to be inside. … Read more

11 Awesome Hikes To Do In & Near Salt Lake City, Utah

In Salt Lake City, hiking feels synonymous with breathing, it something you need to do.  Yes, Salt Lake City is a place with wonderful establishments for eating, drinking, and relaxing. However, most Salt Lake City locals will agree that the nature surrounding the city is the main attraction. It’s prime landscape for mountain biking, climbing, … Read more

11 Interesting and Beautiful Places to Visit in Hudson Valley, New York

With dozens of charming small towns, exquisite culinary experiences, outdoor adventures, and world-class art and history collections, the Hudson Valley makes a perfect escape. Oft-overlooked by out of state visitors, there is much to be explored in the valley north of New York City. Trust me, as someone who grew up in the Hudson Valley, … Read more