11 Interesting And Beautiful Places To Visit In Las Vegas, NV

Viva Las Vegas.

We all have our preconceived notions of Sin City from the myths and legends delivered to us via Hollywood or your uncle who had his bachelor party there in 1988.

You know about the strip, the casinos, the shows, and of course, the buffet. But, you truly can’t say you have it figured out until you’ve been there.

After spending a month in Vegas, I realized a lot of those things you hear are, in fact, true. However, there was a ton I didn’t realize I’d love about spending time in Vegas.

While I certainly indulged in the touristy attractions the city has to offer, you might be surprised to hear that some of my favorite places in Las Vegas lay on the outskirts of the city where you might not run into a single soul. 

I may have lost a few dollars at the blackjack table, but I gained a handful of good memories in this show town too.

So, if you’re keen to make your own memories, here are 11 interesting and beautiful places to visit in Las Vegas, Nevada, plus cool things to do.

The Strip

Did you know that the most quintessential Las Vegas experience actually rests outside of Las Vegas City limits? Strange, but everything about Vegas is strange.

Around forty-one million people visit the Las Vegas strip each year, making it one of the most popular things to do while visiting Las Vegas. 

I’m actually not typically a fan of the most crowded tourist spots. I lived in New York for eight years doing my best to avoid Times Square…However, when coming to Vegas I kept a shameless, open-mind.

That’s what I urge people to do while visiting the strip, let loose! Get that foot-long frozen drink and walk around taking all the selfies (you can even visit the Museum of Selfies at the LINQ!).

Hop in and out of the casinos throwing a chip on the roulette table.

Go to that buffet and gorge yourself, this is what Vegas is about. Vegas is about letting your inhibitions go, and the strip is the perfect place to begin.

The Strip

Photo by Daniel Hayes (IG: indecisive_travels)

Hotels and Casinos

The next thing Vegas is known for, it’s numerous hotels and casinos. Visit as many as you can! Each hotel has something to offer, from incredible rooftop bars, beautiful architecture, world-class casinos and restaurants, shark tanks, art exhibits, you name it.

Impossible to choose just one, I was forced to form a small list of a few notable hotels and casinos to visit in Las Vegas.

The Bellagio – Probably the most well known hotel/casino in Vegas. If you’re familiar, the name will bring an image of an incredible water fountain display shooting into the night sky amongst a twinkling backdrop. The Bellagio is iconic and for good reason, one of the must-see places to visit in Las Vegas.

Park MGM – I put this one here because tucked away inside this hotel is Best Friend restaurant, one of my favorite dining experiences in Vegas. It’s speakeasy-like, but not. You enter through a funky storefront to a very chill restaurant in the back of it that serves up incredible Korean BBQ. Worth the visit.

Golden Nugget – This one has a 200,000 gallon shark tank. That’s it, the sentence.


Photo by Daniel Hayes (IG: indecisive_travels)


Vegas is a great place to have your mind blown, and Area15 is the perfect place to do just that.

This complex is filled with incredible immersive exhibitions and experiences, where you can find yourself in an alternate reality or sitting in an immersive movie.

We went to check out Omega Mart, where we explored a trippy supermarket that led to all sorts of alternate realities behind its walls. It also doubled as a mystery to be solved in real time!

If you’re into immersive and unique experiences, Area15 is definitely one of the most interesting places to visit in Las Vegas.


Photo by Daniel Hayes (IG: indecisive_travels)

Valley of Fire State Park

One of my favorite places I’ve ever camped or hiked is right outside Vegas in Valley of Fire State Park.

Overlooked and overshadowed by the red rock formations you might find in southern Utah and Arizona, this is an underrated destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Not having considered the natural world surrounding Las Vegas when picturing my time there, I was shocked that this place was just a short drive outside city limits.

We spent a night camping here, tucked between tall rock formations in the sand and had an incredible experience.

If hiking the bizarre landscape during the day doesn’t blow your mind, maybe the incredible night sky will. Or, maybe the occasional mountain goat will! This type of experience doesn’t often get associated with a trip to Las Vegas, but it was one of the best experiences I had during my time there.

Valley of Fire

Photo by Daniel Hayes (IG: indecisive_travels)

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Another place in/around Las Vegas to have your mind blown, but handed to you by nature herself is the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

A short drive to the outskirts of Las Vegas you’ll begin to notice beautiful red rock formations aptly named Red Rock Canyon. This is a great place to get away from the Vegas madness, clear your mind of all the money you’ve been losing gambling, and reset.

With numerous hikes and camping, this area’s swirling red rock beauty took me by surprise. 

Visitors don’t often think of Vegas as a natural beauty destination, but Red Rocks Canyon in and of itself is a fantastic reason to visit Las Vegas.

Red Rock
Photo by Daniel Hayes (IG: indecisive_travels)

Mojave Desert

Continuing with the natural beauty section of Las Vegas must-visit places, we have the Mojave Desert.

While staying in Vegas, we drove out to the seemingly endless desert, pitched a tent, and gazed at the stars shining on the Mojave.

The isolation was something I’m not sure I’ve experienced before. So quiet and uninterrupted by civilization, you felt like you could hear every critter walking by and every small gust of wind.

We were also able to find some incredible canyon hiking and awesome wildlife! We had a desert fox walk right into our camp as if we weren’t even there and we miss him to this day. 

It’s a little bit of a drive, however this can easily be a day trip from Vegas and is an awesome place to check out while visiting the Las Vegas area.


Photo by Daniel Hayes (IG: indecisive_travels)

Fremont Street

Okay, back to civilization. There’s a place in Vegas located on the “Old Strip” where you can find some fantastic bars, restaurants, casinos(duh), and an awesome outdoor experience. That place is called Fremont Street. 

After you grab a giant drink from one of the bars lining the block, look up. You’ll see an extravagant light show from above on a gigantic screen spanning the whole complex. It sets the tone for a walk down Fremont Street, with street performers, people dancing on top of bars, and people having a blast in the street.

It’s a party. It’s also home to some Vegas institutions, like the historic Atomic Liquors dive bar that Anthony Bourdain frequented.

Anyone planning a trip to Vegas should absolutely head to Fremont Street, one of the most interesting places to visit in Las Vegas.


Photo by Daniel Hayes (IG: indecisive_travels)

Catch a Show

If you tell someone you’re heading to Vegas, they’ll almost always declare that you MUST see a show. And they’re not wrong. Putting on a show is Vegas’ bread and butter. There are dozens to catch.

If you can’t swing the pricey tickets for headliners like Cirque Du Soleil, don’t think you can’t find a lesser-known show and have just as amazing a time. 

We splurged on seeing Absinthe, in the circus tent right outside Caesars Palace and, wow. Not only did it not disappoint, I was more blown away than I could’ve imagined. It’s just one of dozens of shows worth checking out in Las Vegas, pick any and enjoy.

Catch a Show

Photo by Daniel Hayes (IG: indecisive_travels)

Mob Museum

If taking a quiet stroll in a museum doesn’t exactly scream “Las Vegas,” maybe learning about the history of the Mob will.

Many credit the mob for what Vegas is today including the good, the bad, and the ugly. Therefore it’s fitting that you can learn all about the history of the Mob and organized crime in America through numerous artifacts, displays, videos, and exhibits on display at the Mob Museum in Las Vegas. 

This makes a fun and interesting respite from the party-goers and hustle and bustle of the strip and downtown Vegas. This unique museum is well worth the visit while in Las Vegas!

Mob Museum

Photo by Kenny Eliason on UnSplash

Hoover Dam

Once the world’s largest hydroelectric stations, the Hoover Dam is just outside Las Vegas and makes for a fun half-day trip while visiting Sin City.

Towering at 726 feet high and 1,244 feet long, the dam is truly a man-made marvel. This is one of the greatest family-friendly attractions in a city where everything definitely feels more adult. 

Aside from gazing out, over the massive dam down to the water below, there’s a visitor center where you can learn about how the dam was built and by who, and look at cool images from back in the day. The Hoover Dam is an awesome place to see on your trip to Vegas, so be sure to put it on your list!

Hoover dam

Photo by Daniel Hayes (IG: indecisive_travels)

The High Roller

Las Vegas is home to many interesting, large structures such as replicas of the Eiffel Tower and Lady Liberty. However, when heading toward the strip there’s one structure that is particularly eye-catching. It’s the gigantic ferris wheel in the sky slowly rotating, seemingly luring you in.

At an impressive 550 feet tall, High Roller is the largest observation wheel in North America. 

You can imagine that the view from the top of it is incredible, and your imagination would be correct.

But, this isn’t your average local fair ferris wheel with a little metal bar holding you in.

You go up in a spacious and comfortable pod to look down on the buzzing city from above. You can even book happy half-hours to hang out and have drinks during the ride. High Roller should be on everyone’s list of interesting places to visit in Las Vegas.

High roller

Photo by Daniel Hayes (IG: indecisive_travels)

Did we miss any of your favorite places in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Let us know in the comments if there are anymore places in Las Vegas, Nevada you’d like to see on our list!

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