11 Interesting And Beautiful Places To Visit In Wisconsin

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I have a secret.

A notoriously underrated travel destination that you will be thrilled to explore.

Wisconsin has the reputation of being a cold, cheese obsessed, football crazed state that you won’t “get” unless you go there. Well, I guess all this is true, but there is so much more to this midwestern “Badger State”.

Wander “The Dells”, and trek through one of the many wonderful state parks or have dinner in one of the countless quaint neighborhoods that dot the state’s landscape. Get to know this wondrous, adventure-filled state before you snap judgement. It just might captivate your soul!

Let’s explore all that this underestimated, fun-loving state has to offer as we move though the great state of Wisconsin!


Gorgeous Lakes, beer, baseball and Swiss cheese have put this gorgeous city on the map. However, there’s more to the “Cream City”, than just the usual features that makes this city one of the best places to visit in Wisconsin.

Start with the Milwaukee Art Museum and witness a work of art before you even enter. The building is a sight to behold and inside you’ll be privy to 30,000 works of art that will take you more than just a day to enjoy.

Seattle’s Pike’s Place has nothing on the Milwaukee Public Market where your gastronomic senses will soar with delight as you peruse 20 vendors selling everything from pastries and candies to wine and beer. There’s something under this roof for everyone and it’s definitely worth exploring.

If there were a king and queen of Milwaukee, it would have been Frederick and Maria Pabst. Once the baron and baroness of the Pabst Beer empire, you can enjoy a tour of their 37-room, 14-fireplace mansion that was built in 1892.

This 60- minute tour will give you a lesson in history, architecture and some interesting facts about this lovely home that is compared to the Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina.

Downtown Milwaukee by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

The Harley-Davidson Museum

There’s nothing like the wind in your hair and feeling the air temperature change as you glide up and down mountain roads on your Harley-Davidson.

Back in the day I used to own a Heritage Softail, Harley Davidson motorcycle and it was amazing! Those days will come again, but for now we go to the museum!

The Harley Davidson Museum is the next best thing to owning these works of art. Explore the history, memorabilia and technology that this 130,000 square foot space has to offer.

There’s a restaurant and a gorgeous 20-acre property to explore while you are there. The museum also has events on many weekends to celebrate this piece of American heritage, in one of the coolest places in Wisconsin.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle by Richard R on Unsplash

The Dells of the Wisconsin River

Anytime I would ask a fellow traveler what their favorite part of Wisconsin was, they would always reply with, “The Dells”!

I have to say, after visiting, I can definitely see why. You can get a healthy dose of man-made and natural amusements here at one of the most unique places to visit in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin River winds through gorges that create dramatic cliff faces that are frighteningly gorgeous if you happen to be hiking along them. From below, you can enjoy the view from a kayak and relax as the slow river shows you the tour.

If you are in the mood for some man-made fun, then check out Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park or Kalahari Waterpark.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as The Wisconsin Dells features a mini golf course, gem mining, zip-lining, a wildlife park, museums, theaters, caves and a horse drawn carriage that takes you through the canyons.

You could spend your entire vacation, here at the Dells. Tearing yourself away will be difficult, but there’s always next summer. Don’t worry, the Dells will be waiting, ready to give you another good time.

The Dells by Ethan Walsweer on Unsplash

Door County

There isn’t a bad time of year to explore Door County, Wisconsin. It is truly a place for all seasons in an area that can get quite cold and snowy in the winter. However, this just proves that this destination is one of the best vacation spots in Wisconsin.

Although we were there in the summer, soaking up the sun on some of the 300-miles of shoreline along Lake Michigan, lighthouse touring, beach combing and hiking through some of the thousands of acres, winter time is just as entertaining.

There are 14 communities that comprise Door County and exploring by snow mobile is the best way to get the culture and flavor of one of the best features of Wisconsin.

You can also snowshoe on over 250 miles of groomed trails if you like exploring this way. There’s also ice fishing, fat tire biking and cross- country skiing to enjoy.

The recreational opportunities are endless in Door County, no matter what time of year you go, making this an opportunity you can’t pass up!


Madison represents the great state of Wisconsin well, with its opulent State Capitol building and its varying list of things to see and do around the city.

See one or two of the 270 parks, swim in one of Madison’s five lakes or walk a mile of the 200 miles of trails around the city.

Explore the Wisconsin State Capitol building, the tallest building in the city by mandate. No other building can be taller than the columns of the State Capitol, reminding all around that this is the heart and soul of the state. Ensure you take a stroll around the Capitol Square and grab a bite to eat while you people watch in this “must see” place in Wisconsin.

In addition, check out the Olbrich Botanical Gardens, featuring 16 acres of lush gardens and landscapes lovingly manicured and stunningly gorgoeus. My favorite part of this Wisconsin gem was the Bolz Conservatory. Picture a glass pyramid jammed packed with some of the most exotic and rare plants in the world.

Take a stroll down Monroe, Atwood and Willy Streets and stop in at a piano bar, shoot some darts with friends or sing karaoke. Madison has a great nightlife scene that tops off this stop on your tour of Wisconsin.

Lambeau Field and the Walk of Ledgends

Wisconsin’s pride and joy lives and breathes in Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers.

Here, you can go to a game and see all the “cheese heads” in full glory, or just stop by the field for a tour at one the best places to go in Wisconsin.

Take one of the many tours that are offered that show you the sights and sounds of the stadium and can even take you down to field level where you can pretend you are a warrior under the big lights.

After, make sure you stroll down the one-mile, Walk of Legends and gaze at the 24 steel engraved statues that serve as a tribute to all the greats that have contributed to the 13 world championships over the years.

Hopefully, after this visit you’ll be able to piece together why Wisconsinites take so much pride in their football heritage.

Copper Falls State Park

If you are ready to get outdoors and see some gorgeous scenery, Copper Falls Sate Park is one of the places to go in Wisconsin that will satisfy your inner need for nature.

Walk the Doughboys Nature Trail and get some exercise while traversing gorges, canyons and water crossings in the 1.7 mile trek.

Don’t miss seeing Copper Falls, along with two other amazing waterfall overlooks that will complete your visit to this scenic pause on your tour of Wisconsin.

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

Have you ever wanted to kayak water caves and swim through Carribean-like waters, explore underwater shipwrecks and bask on the beach without having to go to the ocean?

At Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, you can do exactly this, without getting saltwater in your eyes!

Explore twenty-one islands and the beautiful rock formations and beaches that they boast. See a few of the nine historic lighthouses that grace the shores of Lake Superior. Hike the Lakeshore Trail and gaze at overlooks from the cliff tops at some of the most gorgeous scenery that the Great Lakes have to offer.

After exploring the national park. Stop by the quaint town of Bayfield, population 588 and join in the festivities at the Festival of Arts or the annual Apple Festival.

Have lunch at the Pier Plaza and keep soaking up that view, then walk to the waterfront and watch the waves crash ashore.

This stop will add plenty of adventure and relaxation at the one of the most fun places to visit in Wisconsin.

Apostle Islands by Spencer Fitzgerald on Unsplash

Ice Age Trail

My favorite place to hike is where glaciers have scoured the earth and left behind amazing rock formations and beautiful gorges.

It’s like a labyrinth of mazes decorated by Mother Nature. Here, on the Ice Age Trail, you’ll see some of the best features of this state and one of the coolest places to go in Wisconsin.

Travel some of the 1,000 miles of footpath that awaits you to hike, bike, snow shoe or birdwatch.

You can take a long trek and stop in one of the thirteen towns along this interesting trek.

Have a coffee or grab lunch in one of the communities along its path. This experience will sear Wisconsin into your psyche for lasting memories to come.

Ice Age Trail by Dave Hoefler on Unsplash

Lake Geneva

The last Ice Age left a spattering of lakes and ponds all across Minnesota and Wisconsin that are a sight to behold.

There are 15,000 lakes in Wisconsin alone. Lake Geneva is one of such lakes that takes the cake for one of the most gorgeous lakes in Wisconsin.

When my family and I spent some time there a few summers ago, we fell in love with the scenery, the recreation and the summer vacation vibe that oozed from every beach.

Speaking of beaches, when you visit, make time to relax or throw a frisbee on Bigfoot Beach or Riviera Beach.

After, you can take a boat tour of the beautiful palatial homes that line the shore of this pristine, lake that some say you can drink straight from.

If adventure is on the docket, schedule a zip line tour, safari park outing or waterpark visit to top off your stop at one of my favorite places in Wisconsin!

Cave of Mounds

Over a million years ago, a crack formed in the earth allowing for acidic water to seep into the ground. The water dissolved minerals in the surrounding rock enough to form the gorgeous and scenic Cave of Mounds you see today.

Touring this cave is a geological lesson in history as well as a great way to spend a day at one of the best things to see in Wisconsin. Explore a constant 50 degree world of lighted stalactites, stalagmites and speleothems that will wow your senses.

When you emerge from the depths, walk through the Gemstone Mine and take a look at the geodes and crack one open to see the treasure inside. Walk through the gift shop and grab some souvenirs. It’s not everyday you walk through the depths of the earth.

Did we miss anything you would like to see in Wisconsin? We’d love to hear from you!

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