The Most Viral Tennessee Places from TikTok: Experiences, Eats & Drinks!

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From the Great Smoky Mountains to the rockin’ live music in the streets of Nashville, there’s a ton of reasons Tennessee is an awesome state.

With the nature, food scene, and nightlife Tennessee has to offer, it’s no surprise that there have been plenty of Tennessee features going viral over the years. Read on for a roundup of some of the most viral places to visit, experiences, and places to eat in Tennessee.

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The Most Viral TikTok Places in Tennessee

Looking to explore some of Tennessee’s coolest destinations as seen on TikTok? Check out our list of the most viral places to add to your Tennessee bucket list.

Ruby Falls

Located deep within Lookout Mountain, Ruby Falls is a stunning underground waterfall that captivates visitors with its natural beauty. It’s famous for being the tallest and deepest underground waterfall accessible to the public in the United States.

It’s easy to see why people have to share their experiences here in viral posts like this one by @lawofwandering.

Photo by Yash Mannepalli on UnSplash

Fort Dickerson

Fort Dickerson Park, situated in Knoxville, Tennessee, is a mix of beautiful nature and a fascinating history. With it’s gorgeous, blue-water quarry, hiking trails, and well-preserved Civil War sites, this park has a lot to offer.

For a glimpse into the beauty of this park, take a look at this viral post by @ashleyhawn.

Machine Falls

Tucked away within Tullahoma, Machine Falls is a picturesque waterfall known for its serene beauty and photogenic surroundings. The short hiking trail leading to the falls showcases the natural beauty of Tennessee, with lush greenery, moss-covered rocks, and a cascading waterfall that makes for a captivating sight.

It’s a favorite spot among hikers and nature photographers, which is why you see viral posts like this one by @meganellis_.

Photo by Intricate Explorer on UnSplash

Seven States Lookout Mountain

Located atop Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga, Seven States Lookout Mountain offers an awe-inspiring view that spans seven states: Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Virginia.

The panoramic vista provides a unique opportunity to experience the beauty of multiple states from a single vantage point.

It’s easy for visitors to capture memorable photos or create viral posts like this one by @marinelo4ka_.

Photo by Rolla Ru on UnSplash

Rock Island State Park

Check out the beauty in this viral post by @meganellis_.

That’s Rock Island State Park, situated on the Caney Fork River. With cascading waterfalls, rugged cliffs, and tranquil swimming holes, it’s a haven for hikers, campers, and nature lovers. The park also features opportunities for fishing, kayaking, and exploring the scenic beauty of Tennessee.

Photo by Loc Giang on UnSplash

The Most Viral TikTok Experiences in Tennessee

Whether it’s for your next date night, friends’ adventure, or solo getaway, there are tons of amazing experiences in Tennessee that have gone viral on TikTok. Here are some of the most popular:

Great Smoky Mountain National Park

As one of the most visited National Parks in the country, Greaty Smoky Mountain National Park needs no introduction. It’s no wonder you see viral videos like this one by @hey_ciara all over the internet.

This place is renowned for its majestic mountains, vibrant forests, and diverse wildlife. Visitors can embark on scenic drives, hike picturesque trails, spot black bears, and immerse themselves in the natural splendor of the Appalachian Mountains. It’s a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Photo by Chris Ried on UnSplash

Moonshine Mountain Coaster

Located in quirky Gatlinburg, Tennessee, the Moonshine Mountain Coaster offers an exhilarating experience for thrill-seekers. This alpine coaster allows riders to control their speed as they zoom through the forested mountainside, providing a unique and adrenaline-pumping adventure for visitors of all ages.

Take a peak at what it’s like careening down the mountainside in one of these coasters (credit: @k8lynanderson).


Anakeesta is a mountaintop adventure park nestled in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains. Accessed via a scenic chondola ride, the park offers an array of activities such as ziplining, tree canopy walks, a scenic treetop skywalk, and stunning panoramic views from the Firefly Village.

Anakeesta is a must-visit destination and the subject of many viral videos about things to do in Tennessee, like this one by @epikgatlinburg.

Ancient Lore Village

Step into a world of fantasy and enchantment at Ancient Lore Village in Townsend, Tennessee. This unique destination is inspired by fantasy novels and transports visitors to a magical realm. From whimsical accommodations to immersive storytelling experiences, Ancient Lore Village offers a one-of-a-kind escape where visitors can immerse themselves in a mythical world of wonder.

Step into this land of wonder with this viral video by @staysandgetaways.

Skylift Park

Located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Skylift Park offers a thrilling way to experience the beauty of the Smoky Mountains. The park features a scenic chairlift ride that takes you high above the treetops, providing panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. At the mountaintop, visitors can explore the SkyBridge, the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in North America, and enjoy breathtaking vistas from its transparent glass panels.

With views like these it’s easy to see why posts like this one by @epikgatlinburg go viral.

The Most Viral TikTok Eats & Drinks in Tennessee

Lastly, wondering where to find the most viral food and drink in Tennessee? Here are some epic must-tries, as seen on TikTok.

Fryce Cream

I can’t think of anything that makes more sense than a french fry and ice cream shop going viral. Check out this deliciousness (credit: @wheretoeatinnashville).

Fryce Cream, nestled in the heart of Nashville, is a viral sensation on TikTok, known for its unique and delicious ice cream creations. Combining the flavors of French fries and ice cream, Fryce Cream offers a quirky twist on a classic dessert. Visitors can indulge in their signature Fryce Cream cones, featuring a scoop of ice cream nestled atop a bed of crispy, seasoned French fries.

English Mountain Trout Farm and Grill

For a taste of fresh and flavorful seafood, look no further than English Mountain Trout Farm and Grill. Located in Sevierville, Tennessee, this popular spot has gained TikTok fame for its mouthwatering trout dishes. Guests can enjoy the experience of catching their own trout and then having it expertly prepared at the on-site grill, ensuring a truly fresh and satisfying dining experience.

Here’s a post by @mckaylas13 that sums up this awesome experience.

Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk

Situated in the heart of Nashville’s vibrant downtown scene, Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk is a must-visit destination for music lovers and fans of the legendary rockstar. This lively establishment offers a unique blend of live music, energetic performances, and Southern hospitality. Visitors can enjoy a cold beer, dance to live music, and immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere that epitomizes the spirit of Nashville.

You can’t go far searching for places to visit in Nashville without this honky tonk receiving a shoutout. Here’s an example by @nashville_stacy.

Old Glory

Old Glory Bar, located in Nashville’s historic Edgehill neighborhood, is a trendy and stylish cocktail lounge that has captured the attention of TikTok users. Known for its craft cocktails, innovative mixology techniques, and retro-inspired ambiance, this hidden gem provides a memorable drinking experience. Step inside and savor expertly crafted libations in a setting reminiscent of a bygone era.

Old Glory has gained popularity thanks to many viral posts like this one by @themeaganrose.

L.A. Jackson Rooftop Bar

We all love a rooftop bar, and @winedinenashville agrees in this post.

Perched atop the Thompson Nashville hotel, L.A. Jackson Rooftop Bar offers stunning panoramic views of the city skyline and an impressive selection of handcrafted cocktails. Known for its trendy vibe, vibrant atmosphere, and Instagram-worthy aesthetics, this rooftop bar has become a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike. Enjoy a refreshing drink while taking in the breathtaking views of Nashville’s bustling downtown.

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